UK Range Rover LEDs Being Stolen for Weed Farming

Gangs are stripping the DRLs from the SUVs and using them to grow cannabis.

After the rash of specialized thefts that has washed over UK autos (like the Audi RS4 seats we recently told you about), now it’s time for a new craze from the country’s criminals. Apparently, criminal gangs have begun stealing the LED daytime running lights and aftermarket headlights from Range Rovers and other luxury vehicles, and selling them to drug dealers who use the lights to grow ‘special’ plants. Experienced thieves can take apart these light fixtures in as little as 60 seconds.

In some parts of the UK, the problem has gotten so bad that special task forces have been formed, and several arrests have already been made. Police departments have also begun to advise owners on how to protect their SUVs from such thefts. Funny thing is, we always thought it was the dealers who were driving the Range Rovers.

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