UK's Best Driver's Car Winner Shows How Tastes Differ Across Borders

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Or maybe the US testers should have added the winners to the comparison.

Autocar managed to get ahold of a bunch of the hottest cars current on the market and then did the only logical thing anyone would do with such a collection: drive them to see which is best. This is much like Motor Trend's Driver's Car Of The Year comparison or even Car and Driver's Lightning Lap except with British accents and less American muscle on the track. As such, the results skew a bit differently than they do for Autocar's American counterparts.

In attendance were many of the same cars the two aforementioned publications tested.

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These included the Ford Focus RS, Jaguar F-Type SVR, Acura NSX, and the McLaren 570S. Naturally, given the difference in each of these comparisons, the results end differently, but we weren't surprised to see the McLaren 570S take third place despite winning first place at Motor Trend's comparison. This time around, it had to compete with its older brother, the 675LT and its direct competitor, the Ferrari 488 GTB. You'd be forgiven for thinking that it was one of those two cars that won first place, but that's not the case either. We were pleasantly surprised by the actual winner because upon its release, it was touted as a perfect driver's car. Good to know Autocar feels the same way.

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