Ultimate 1/2-Mile Tuning Top Speed Shootout Sees 1,200-HP Porsche 911 Clock Over 202 MPH


Enjoy this epic tuner battle.

Motor Trend recently brought together a veritable feast of customized performance cars for its Top Speed Shootout, inviting a host of the highest horsepower builds from an assortment of models to an open runway at a closed airport in order to drive as fast as they can in a half-mile straight line. From a 1,200-hp Porsche 911 to an 800-hp BMW M3 and a selection of modified Mustangs, GT-Rs and a Toyota Supra, there's something here for everyone.

Needless to say, BBi's "King Kong" Porsche reached the highest top speed of the day with a blistering run of over 202 mph. On top of the awesome footage, Universal Technical Institute provides some informative explanations of how best to improve these cutting-edge machines.

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