Ultimate Auto Completes Super Snake Project

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Owner of this awesome Super Snake now has a body and sound system worthy of a car with 850 hp.

The GT500 Super Snake comes with 850 hp right off the bat. So there's really no need to get any work done to the car's 5.8-liter supercharged 5.8-liter V8. Orlando-based stylist Ultimate Auto is in full agreement and having started an aftermarket project at the turn of the year, has now finalized the job. Custom fabricated sheet metal body work features on the entire upper body line, extended lower rockers, new door handle buckets and massive fender flares.

These make room for a set of Vellano VCX Concave alloys staggered 21/22 inches front/rear finished with smoked brushed centers and carbon-fiber lips. Carbon-fiber inlays were then laid onto the body and molded into the finished panels, while the bumpers, diffusers and side skirts were made from epoxy cloth construction. In order to hear tunes over the sound of the Borla cat back exhaust and whine of the supercharger, Ultimate Auto crafted a custom stereo system featuring 2 JL Audio 8WL subs in the spare tire well enclosed with lexiglass and carbon-fiber panels, Audison/Herz speakers and Bit One processor.

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