Ultimate Battle Between Twin-Turbo Legends Leaves Ferrari Humiliated


Each of these cars has gotten the downsized and turbocharged engine treatment, so no excuses are allowed here.

Twin turbo technology was once a rarity preserved for the most exotic rides and the very phrase was typically emblazoned all over the body as if to tell competitors at the stop light, “can’t touch this.” Now it’s become the norm, but that fact of supercar life has left enthusiasts up in arms arguing whether it’s really made cars any better or detracted from the experience. Thankfully YouTube channel TheSupercarDriver has gotten a nice collection of today’s hottest twin-turbo beats together for a good old fashioned challenge.

If this won’t prove the power of the exhaust-fed turbine, nothing will. Though those spools may not be large, the horsepower they provide their downsized engines with is and the rather flat torque curve they offer has humiliated enough celebrity supercars that they’ve proven their worth.

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Most importantly, they preserve the most precious resource, horsepower, in an era where large engine face an outright ban. On the other hand, there’s something missing from the experience. AMG has done well to nail down its proper rumbling sound despite the muting turbochargers, but the same can’t be said for the rest of the competition. And then there’s the matter of turbo lag, but that’s something a launch control clutch dump at 4,000 RPM can mitigate or quell entirely. The results get much more interesting when the previous generation McLaren supercar takes on the relatively new Ferrari 488 GTB, surprising us and giving that extra long tail and the grip it provides more justification.

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