Ultra-light Lotus Elise Track Edition Up for Sale

A super-light track-spec Lotus Elise has gone up for sale in California.

The Lotus Elise was already a light car to begin with, however when an owner in California wanted to take it to the track he felt it need a few more weight saving measures (not to mention some added performance). The track-spec Elise seen in these photos is currently up for sale. It features an Eaton MP62 supercharger on its 1.8-liter I4 engine along with a Spearco Intercooler and a Quaife differential. The engine is mated to a manual 6-speed transmission.

To save weight on the orange coupe, the doors have been shed along with the roof. The interior makes the whole thing feel a bit sketchy, as passengers will sit in two mismatched sport seats. In total, the owner claims he added $34,222 worth of improvements to the Lotus Elise and is asking only $28,977 for the track-spec model.

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