Ultra-Luxurious Lucid Air To Take On Audi, BMW And Mercedes

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It isn't just Tesla that Lucid has in its sights.

Lucid has ambitious aims with its all-electric Air luxury sedan, which could spell trouble for Tesla. With prices starting at just $60,000 before federal and local tax credits and a maximum driving range of 400 miles, it's an attractive alternative to the Model S. Lucid isn't only setting its sights on Tesla, however. It wants to take on the three German giants in the luxury car market: BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz. "From the beginning, we were very much focused on a luxury product" Derek Jenkins, VP of design at Lucid Motors, said in an interview with Next Mobility.

We felt like there is still a big opportunity at that end of the market. There was a lot of open opportunity to do something that is more forward-facing and less based on tradition, that is kind of the foundation." Furthermore, Lucid believes it will be at an advantage because it could take years before Germany's leading automakers produce electric cars capable of rivaling the Air, allowing it to take on Tesla without any direct competition. Its ultra-luxurious and innovative interior will help it stand out in the crowded luxury car market. By taking advantage of the "miniaturization" of the electric motors, the Air takes the form of a mid-size luxury sedan like the E-Class.

Yet it comes with the luxurious interior of a large luxury sedan like the S-Class incorporating relaxing reclining rear seats akin to a private jet, as well as the driving performance and design of a CLS, with the top-spec Air+ model packing 1,000 hp to satisfy enthusiasts. "This is the redefinition of luxury in a real modern sense," said Jenkins. Lucid is planning to put the Air into production in 2019, which should give it a head start against its German luxury car competitors.

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