Ultra-Luxury Cadillac Celestiq Teased With Opulent Glass Roof

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Here's your first official look at Cadillac's new flagship electric sedan.

Cadillac's new electric era began last summer with the debut of the luxurious Lyriq, the automaker's first-ever electric SUV boasting a range of over 300 miles, a bold new design language, and advanced interior tech that will make Tesla owners jealous. Underpinned by Cadillac's new modular EV platform, the Lyriq the first of 30 new electric models General Motors will launch by 2025.

Cadillac's second EV will be the Celestiq flagship sedan, which has been teased for the first time at the virtual 2021 CES show. Cadillac says the Celestiq is "designed to set a new standard for luxury EVs" and "embodies Cadillac's commitment to reimagine what's possible in design and technology.


Like the Lyriq, the Celestiq will ride on Cadillac's new flexible modular Ultium platform enabling a low profile and rearward proportions. Technical details are still scarce, but Cadillac has confirmed the electric sedan will have all-wheel drive and four-wheel steering.

One of the Celestiq's defining design features is its innovative glass roof. In a first for the industry, the glass roof will feature "four-quadrant, suspended-particle-device smart glass" enabling each occupant to set their own to set the roof transparency to their individual preference. We also get a brief glimpse of the Celestiq's opulent interior, which will feature a "curated selection of hand-crafted materials."

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With its giant 33-inch display dominating the dashboard, the Lyriq is a technological showpiece. The Celestiq will adopt a similar setup: Cadillac has confirmed the Celestiq's display will span the entire width of the dashboard from pillar-to-pillar, just like the new Mercedes Hyperscreen.

Rear-seat passengers will also have access to their own personalized screens to keep them entertained, while comfort settings will be operated on console screens between the front and rear seats to minimize distractions. No word yet when Cadillac will reveal the Celestiq show car, but the electric sedan is expected to go on sale sometime after the Lyriq arrives in 2022 and will be hand-built in limited numbers.

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