Ultra Powerful Plymouth Belvedere Loses Rear End During Hard Launch

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There is such a thing as too much power you know (or a botched tuning job).

The main issue with custom tuning jobs is that amateur engineers can conjure up just about anything, whether quality or not, without having a boss or colleague tell them if they're doing it all wrong. Automakers have armies of these in-house verifiers checking each and every calculation in order to ensure that the finished product works properly and even then, things still go wrong. It's not often, however, that things go as badly as they did for this poor Plymouth Belvedere.

With a rumble alluding to an undisclosed but undeniably high amount of power coming out of the rear end and being put down by Hoosier drag tires, this Plymouth certainly looks and sounds the part of a muscle car drag racer. When the Christmas tree begins its descent into the green, we expect the Belvedere to take off in a huff.

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It certainly tries to do so, but seconds after the launch, the ladder bar snaps and mangles the entire rear axle, forcing the car to come to a rest with the rear end on top of the tires and fluid (likely gas) dripping onto the drag strip. It'll take some repairs to get the Plymouth back in order, but at this point the driver can do one of two things: be angry that this happened during their first and only run of the day or be happy that it happened this early into the run because if the Plymouth was going any faster when the rear decided to give out, the situation could have turned lethal. Best to live and race another day.

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