Ultra-rare 1963 Porsche Prototype up for Auction

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It's been a few decades, but it's still as beautiful as the day it left the factory.

Let's be honest: modern Porsches packs some impressive performance and are certainly more refined than their earlier predecessors, it's the automaker's classic race cars that really grab our attention. Like this rare 904/6 Carrera GTS prototype from 1963. Chassis number 906-002 is one of only five surviving cars of its type. An early factory development car, this six-cylinder beauty was the second of Porsche's 904/6 factory test cars, serving to help the company test new components in the 60s.

In 1964 it was used for a rigorous testing program at the Monza track in Italy to test a new type of Solex carburetor. After it had served its purpose, Porsche retired it from active duty and sold it to a private owner who raced it - probably with a big smile on his face - for several years throughout Europe, including a run for the European Mountain Hill Climb championship in Austria. 906/002 has had several other owners over the years, all of whom were thankfully aware of the car's unique character and kept it in solid mechanical and cosmetic condition.

RM Auctions says it comes with full documentation, including factory records and a complete sales history void of any time gaps. It also comes with a spare engine, gearbox and various other components such as brakes and suspension parts, so it can always be kept in tip-top running condition. This factory 904 Carrera GTS is not only a fine example of 60s-era Porsches, but stands as an historically significant car for the marque. Such rarity has its price. This GTS is estimated to go for between $1.8 and $2.2 million. Check out the photos by Pawel Litwinski (courtesy of RM Auctions) for a closer look at this stunning car.

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