Unassuming Mk1 VW Golf Is A 500-HP Monster With Two VR6 Engines

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The creator said it wasn't even that hard to build if you can believe it.

An absolute madman has created an AWD, 1979 VW Golf with an absurd two-engine and two-gearbox setup. The mad scientist's name is Willem Jacobus, a South African mechanic who took up the challenge of fixing an old Golf to sell. One thing led to another, and instead of transplanting just one VR6 engine into the little guy, he decided to transplant two.

We have written about twin-engine cars in the past, mainly just how insane they are. The amount of technical knowledge and expertise one needs to get these types of projects going is absurd, and in the end, it leaves onlookers in awe at such an unholy and inspiring creation. It's just too cool to look away, and you can check out the man and his machine in the video below by Cars.co.za. Best of all, though, the car is a complete sleeper.


He says that, for the most part, the swap was rather straightforward, if you can believe it. It was really just about creating the engine mounts and fitting the engine into the bay. He still used the VR6 gearbox along with some VW Polo shift linkages, and it all seemed to work out rather well. He then spent the time cutting out the back part of the car to fit that engine and gearbox and claims he just drove it that way for quite a while, pretty reliably.

But again, this is a madman we're talking about, and just two naturally aspirated engines would never be good enough. He says that after a trip to Tarlton International Raceway - a local drag strip - he decided the car needed more power, which led him to turbocharge both engines. This involved a lot more cutting, but as Willem puts it, once you start cutting, you have to figure it out and finish it. Now the vehicle makes over 500 horsepower and 550 lb-ft of torque.

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The hardest part of the build he says was figuring out the clutches for two engines. This was a huge challenge until he spoke with another YouTuber, Robbie Ferrera about it and he pointed him in the direction of a Wilwood pedal box that seemed to solve how to make it work.

It still uses one shifter, but he says the front bites a little before the rear which actually helps to keep the car stable at speed. Unfortunately, the clutch is still very heavy given the situation, but a strong left leg seems a small price to pay for something this cool.

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Luckily, if he ever wants an easier drive, he can disconnect the linkages to one of the engines allowing him to have a semi-normal vehicle. This is probably pretty smart, as he points out that both engines tend to fight each other a bit at low speeds, which would be terrible around town.

It's just too cool of a car, and we would love to see this thing go up against a modern-day Golf R to see how it competes. It definitely has a power advantage, but we imagine the clean, controlled setup from the Golf R would still give it a fighting chance, at least at first. One place we can say it'll surely beat newer Golf is in the interior control department, although that may be a criticism of the past if the company's new CEO has anything to say about it.

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