Unboxing The Ford GT Ordering Kit Is Every Gearhead's Dream Come True

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Ford is going all-out to ensure that GT buyers feel as special as possible.

We're slowly starting to learn more and more about the super secretive Ford GT ordering process. Scottish singer Amy Macdonald revealed in an interview with "Top Gear" that the automaker wanted half of the money for its new supercar up front. The latest development pertains to the customization process. Alan Hartman is one of the lucky few who was approved for GT ownership. He runs Turn 10 Studios, which makes the Forza racing series for Xbox. Turn 10 Studios shot an unboxing video of Hartman opening a carbon fiber order kit from Ford.

Inside the kit are body models of the GT as well as models of its wheel options and interior color swatches.

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We have never ordered a supercar before so we can't say for a fact that other automakers don't have a process in place like this. Still, it seems like Ford is going above and beyond to make GT owners feel special. It seems to be working, as Hartman and his staff were overjoyed opening the order kit and examining the different bits within it. Turn 10 Studios is going to continue documenting the order process on its YouTube channel, which means we'll be getting more of these awesome insider videos.

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