Unearthed: 1936 Chevrolet Master Deluxe

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After nearly a half century, the owner of this 1936 Chevy Master Deluxe finally gives his car the restoration job he's always felt it deserved.

We've haven't done much with anything pre-World War II, so we wanted to do something special. After some searching, we came across this 1936 Chevrolet Master Deluxe that's been fully restored. And to make the story even better, the owner has had the car since the early 50s. According to him, the story goes like this: He bought the car as a teenager in 1952 for $150 from a neighbor and converted it into a street rod.

He installed a Chevy six-cylinder which made the car a formidable competitor against other road warriors such as Oldsmobile Rocket 88s, Buick Centuries, and even a 1954 Ford OHV V8 police interceptor. The owner was also one of the founding members of a hot rod club in Michigan. Nearly 60 years later, he still owns the Deluxe. Unlike his teenage years, the cash was now available to give his car the restoration he felt it always deserved. Teaming up with his adult son and grandson, the three have installed a new 261 cu in Chevy truck engine, replaced the transmission, and completed numerous frame modifications.

The body received some attention along with a paint job that brings the car back to its original color. They also took the time to properly restore the wood frame doors and the Chevy "Banjo" steering wheel. The interior has been outfitted with detailed bits such as an original Chevy clock, ashtray and cigar lighter in the glove box door. The 16-inch wheels are also original with stainless-steel covers. Not many people still own their first car - especially after five decades. But for the owner, the restoration completes a lifelong goal. His '36 Chevy can now be shared with future generations. Photos courtesy of Ed.

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