Unearthed: 1953 Ford F-100

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Originally launched in 1948, the Ford F-Series has remained a staple for both the automaker and America.

When one thinks of a pick-up truck, probably the first make and model that will come to mind is the Ford F-Series. And there are plenty of reasons for that. Since first going on sale back in 1948, it's been the best-selling vehicle in the U.S. for almost 25 years and the best-selling pick-up for 34 years. For countless people, there's simply been no other truck alternative. The original F-Series was introduced in 1948 as a replacement for an older car-based vehicle.

It was powered by a 95hp Flathead 6 and mated to a three-speed manual. The engine options in the first generation later included a Flathead V8, a straight-six, and a Y-Block V8. The second generation debuted in 1953 and they took on the more familiar names of F-100, F-250, and F-350 (as opposed to the first generation simply being called F-1, F-2, and F-3). Ford not only updated the exterior design, but also the interior, now with amenities such a dome light, lighter, arms rests, sun visors, and a radio. The 'Ford-O-Matic' automatic transmission also became optional. '53 was also the last year of the flathead engine.

The 1953 Ford F-100 featured here is currently a work in progress. According to the owner, it sat around for five years before he began fixing it up. He discovered that the bed was rotted and there were small rust holes in various spots. Other than that, however, the body itself was in solid shape. The truck came equipped with A/C, dual exhaust, and power disc brakes up front and drums at the rear. It did need a new tailgate, back and passenger door glass, fuel tank, wooden bed, some interior work and fresh exterior paint. Interestingly, the engine was replaced somewhere along the way by a previous owner with an Oldsmobile Rocket V8.

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According to the current owner, it still works but does require some repairs. Today, the 12th generation F-Series is on sale, having just received Motor Trend's prestigious Truck of the Year Award. Throughout the decades, Ford has continued to refine and improve the definitive all-American pick-up. They've added plenty of luxury along the way, but the basic elements have never changed: optional V8 power and built 'Ford Tough.' Photos courtesy of bir1972stingray

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