Unearthed: 1965 Buick Sport Wagon

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Now that Buick is rediscovering its roots, we managed to find this slick '65 Sport Wagon - another reminder of the brand's historic past.

For too many years, Buicks were too often thought of as a brand that appealed to those who were at least 65 years old. But unlike the Buicks we're seeing today, there was a long period of time when they were unpopular and the brand's reason for existence was in question. Considering that Cadillac covered GM's luxury base and the brand competition stemming from Oldsmobile, Pontiac, and even Chevrolet caused a further identity crisis, Buick somehow managed to press on.

It even survived GM's 2009 bankruptcy and has managed to emerge as a truly competitive luxury brand among the likes of Acura and Lexus. But there was a time before this when they were cool. And like the upcoming 2012 Regal GS, past Buicks also packed some real power. In the case of the Sport Wagon, which was first launched in 1964, it was even offered with a V8. Built on GM's rear-wheel-drive platform, they also had a Skyroof that was made up of four tinted glass panels surrounding the elevated section of the roof. Another option included forward-facing third row seats.

The owner of this '65 Sport Wagon completed a frame-up restoration and says it packs a Wildcat 355 V8 and a two-speed super-turbine transmission. He also lowered the car about one and half inches when he added a new suspension and 17-inch wheels. However, the original T3 headlight lenses remain untouched along with the tan leather interior and original AM radio (which still works). Other original features include power windows and a factory installed A/C. Sadly, his car doesn't have the optional third row seat, which he's now currently shopping for. Overall, the near-completed Sport Wagon looks really cool.

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The owner claims that it receives more attention than his parents' 2005 Mustang GT convertible, which doesn't surprise us in the least. Now that Buick is finally having a proper resurrection, we think it'd be great to see the Regal also sold as a wagon, just like the European Opel Insignia is. And yes, be sure to call it the Sport Wagon. Photos courtesy of ja_lorenz.

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