Unearthed: 1969 MGB GT

MGs are usually known to break, leak oil, and even catch fire. These debacles, however, haven't slowed the car's popularity over the years with an ever-growing number of people buying old models and restoring them. For this owner from Portugal, buying an affordable classic was always something he wanted to do. He decided upon this 1969 MGB GT for a few reasons. First off, it was within his budget. And just as importantly, it was something that he could tinker with, as there are plenty of parts available.

He also preferred the hard top GT because of the more rigid chassis. Fortunately, this black MGB GT was already in relatively good shape upon purchase, but there was still some work to be done. The owner upgraded the brakes by replacing the calipers, rear cylinders, shoes, and the master cylinder. The next phase of modifications included up-rated shocks, new suspension bushes, engine mounts, electronic ignition, a performance exhaust manifold, and a new radiator.

The exterior already had a complete restoration with new paint, chrome, and some body work. Lastly, the interior has been restored with red leather seats and carpets, along with the dashboard and headlining. Photos courtesy of Alexander.

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