Unearthed: 1971 Volkswagen Bus


The Volkswagen Bus is synonymous with the 1960s, but it's still proving to be as popular as ever even today.

This one needs no introduction. The Volkswagen Bus is synonymous with many things, among them being the so-called official ride of flower power, peace -loving, free spirit hippies from the 1960s. The first generation, known as the T1, was built from 1950 until 1967. This was easily recognizable due to its distinctive split windshield and v-shaped front-end design. Power originally came from a rear-mounted, air-cooled flat-four cylinder boxer engine with only 24hp.

Although the engine was upgraded with more power a few times during the T1's lifetime, it was clearly never fast (not even close). By 1967, the T2 was introduced and it ditched the split window. It was also significantly heavier than the first generation and it came with a slightly larger and more powerful engine, a new 1.6-liter four-cylinder with 50hp, was introduced. This generation carried on, albeit with updates along the way, until 1986. The T2 was also nicknamed the "Bread loaf" (for obvious reasons) and its front-end turn indicators were squared off slightly.

Over the years, many fans have collected and restored old VW Bus's to varying degrees of success. And for the owner of this particular '71 Bus, it simply boils down to personal style. According to him, the bus was bought unrestored and the first thing done was a new paint job. After stripping the old paint off, the next stage of the project was the interior. New seats and wooden panels were added along with a one-inch thick shag rug. The rear facing seats hold the subwoofers, which are connected to a high-quality sound system.

Also reinstalled were a fold-out table and a z bed, which is a seat that folds into a bed. It also has an electrical outlet that required extensive rewiring. Perhaps the most interesting new interior upgrade is the psychedelic mural painted inside. Since the project's completion, the owner has been busy displaying his bus at various local auto shows and has even won a few awards. Even after all of these years, the old VW Bus just never seems to lose popularity. Photos courtesy of bilzer06

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