Unearthed: 1984-85 Oldsmobile/GMC Camino Supreme

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Have you ever wondered what an Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme and a GMC Caballero would look like if they were combined into one? This is your answer.

We thought we'd do something a bit different for this week's segment. Americans have always been into fabricating cars, although at varying degrees of success in terms of both structural and design integrity. The end result, however, doesn't always matter because it's someone's willingness to be different and to create something that's unique solely to their ability and imagination. And as a result, every now and then something quite interesting turns up.

For all of those GM lovers out there, this may just be your ideal classic 80s ride. The owner/build artist has combined two vehicles, a 1985 GMC Caballero and a 1984 Cutlass Supreme to create the world's first (and likely only) "Camino Supreme." Taking over a year to complete, it wasn't just a simple front-end swap job, as he also had to widen the car so that the doors shut flush. In addition, the body line didn't match so he had to get some extra help from a body shop who had the "serious skills" to do the work right. Looking at the finished product, you can see how good of a job they did in blending the Cutlass's body line to the El Camino's.

And like the exterior, the interior has undergone a major overhaul, receiving a restored Cutlass dash and seats. The engine is the standard 305 cu in 5.0-liter Chevrolet V-8. In addition to the '69 Camaro hugger orange exterior paint, the owner also decided to paint the underside of the hood with the same rhino liner spray that was used for the bed. He also has a custom mounted spare that's been sprayed orange to match the body. A future finishing touch will include a set of 10-inch subwoofers that'll go behind the seats. Overall, this is a fantastic job that saved not one but two GM classics from the crusher.

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And all it took was some creativity and the will to be able to say you're driving a one-of-kind self-creation. Photos courtesy of satanic-mechanic.

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