Unimog Safely Passes the ADAC Test

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The powerful Unimog passes the ADAC safety test with flying colors.

Mercedes-Benz has celebrated the 60th anniversary of the extremely versatile Unimog this year and has recently passed an ADAC safety test with ease. Some safety measures the Unimog excelled in was in optimal visibility controlled braking on hazardous roads with uneven surfaces. Other measures include excellent impact protection in case of collision, track-keeping while driving, vibration protection for the driver and very good ergonomics.

The Unimog is an extremely powerful force that features five mirrors on both driver and passenger sides that allow drivers to see blind spots and dangerous situations. Two side lights and limiting lights ensure that it can be seen in every kind of situation. The Unimog is fitted with four-channel ABS as a standard feature that prevents the wheels from locking and to insure it can still be steered in an emergency situation. Because it has a an almost perfectly balanced axle load distribution of 45 percent and 55 percent when loaded, a load-carrying Unimog can still be driven safely at 16mph when doing a circular turn on a simulated black ice surface.

Basically, the more well-balanced the axle load distribution is, the better the vehicle keeps to its tracks. When it comes to operating heavy machinery, it's a pretty safe bet to say that the Unimog stands alone.

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