Unintended Oversteer Forces Porsche Macan Recall


At least it’s not understeer.

After a rocky start on US soil thanks to Dieselgate, the newly available Porsche Macan is now the subject of a recall by the NHTSA. It’s pretty much the entire 2017 Macan range that’s affected by the recall; the base Macan, the Macan Turbo S, the Macan GTS and the Macan Turbo will have to visit dealerships for what we presume will be a quick fix. The Macans affected may be subject to some dodgy handling scenarios on the roads out there, which is not good for cars that are as quick as these Porsches can be.

The recall is similar to the one issued for the 2017 Audi Q7 that might not go where you point it. The Porsche will go where you point it, but the back end may try and overtake you. In the Porsches affected by the problem, the anti-rollbar’s connecting links may move out of their intended position, which might possibly allow the Macan to oversteer in certain situations. As you can imagine, something like this could be heaps of fun if it’s a driving maneuver that you actually want to initiate, but when you decide to hoof it around a bend and the rear steps out without warning things can get horrible quite quickly.

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With the Macan being the entry level Porsche SUV, even though it’s not cheap it’s bound to be found in the hands of soccer moms and housewives who will never take the car above 4000 rpm or anywhere near 100 mph. While Porsche hasn’t yet announced a notification schedule to contact owners for the recall, once it happens owners will need to get down to their dealership where the cars will be inspected, and if deemed necessary, it will replace front anti-rollbar links free of charge, as you’d expect. Until this happens, current Macan owners should take it easy out there, or at least watch a few videos about what to do in an oversteer situation just so they know what they could be in for.