Unique Blu Tour De France Ferrari Enzo Seeking New Owner

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Just when you thought the Ferrari Enzo couldn't get any more exclusive.

Before the LaFerrari sped onto the scene, the Enzo was Ferrari's flagship supercar to beat. Introduced in 2002 as a tribute to Ferrari's founder and a successor to the F1-powered F50, the mid-engined Enzo was powered by a V12 that produced 650 horsepower, which made it the fastest Ferrari road car ever. Only 400 examples of the exquisite Enzo were made, the majority of which were finished in Rosso Corsa red, though Nero black, and Giallo Modena yellow were also popular colors.

As if the Enzo wasn't already exclusive enough, one very particular owner had their Enzo finished in a distinctive Blu Tour de France paint scheme. And now this unique eye-catching Enzo is looking for a new owner. When it originally left the factory in 2004, this particular Enzo was delivered in Matt Titanio Extra Campionario, a one-off finish for the supercar matched with a tan leather interior. It was sold to Prince Akim, a member of a Middle Eastern royal family in London, the same year before being auctioned off in 2008 to a buyer who worked on behalf of an Asian mining magnate who maintained the supercar for six years.

They also had it repainted in its current Blu Tour de France livery to match the rest of their collection. It exchanged owners once again a few years ago, and has had a full dealer service history, original books and tools and its Classiche binder. Both the exterior and interior are in immaculate condition, and it's only clocked up 5520 miles since it rolled off the production line 13 years ago. No estimated price has been given, but considering its low mileage, condition, and unique color, don't be surprised if this Enzo fetches over $2 million when it hits the auction block in London on September 6.

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