Unique Formula 1 Exhibition Hits The Road This Year

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Legends of the past and present are going on tour this fall.

Many F1 fans from around the world will never have the opportunity to see a Grand Prix race live. Sure they watch the races on TV and argue relentlessly on the forums but, whether it is a question of geography or lack of funds, they may never get a chance to experience the pinnacle of motorsports technology in action. A new F1-themed show that will cost far less than buying a Mercedes-AMG One is designed for these fans to live out those F1 fantasies.

Dubbed the Formula 1 Exhibition, the event series promises to deliver on bringing an interactive and immersive look at the cars, the history, and the personalities we all idolize from the greatest spectacle in motor racing. While we follow the drama of F1 today, it is the historical moments in Formula 1 that are burned into our memory.

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Moments like the epic Alan Prost and Aryton Senna team rivalry in 1989, the Gilles Villeneuve and Rene Arnoux battle for second place, or the infamous Niki Lauda crash at the Nurburgring and triumphant recovery in the 1976 season. These are all incredible moments in motorsport and the Formula One World Championship top brass wants to round them all up and take the display on the road.

The Formula 1 Exhibition will be a traveling museum of sorts curated by journalists, Formula 1 experts, and noted historians to package the greatest the racing series has had since its inception in 1950. Conceptualized by experts in the show field, Round Room Studios, the show will include rare memorabilia, exclusive race footage along with complete cars in a coherent snapshot of F1 heritage.

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"Formula 1 has seen explosive growth over recent years, and our growing fanbase is at the heart of everything we do," said Brandon Snow, Managing Director, Commercial, Formula 1, "The launch of a world-class international exhibition for fans around the world to experience and enjoy, led by a best-in-class production company, is a natural next step for our sport."

The concept is a new take on decades of exciting memories born from the F1 spectacle. Many of these legendary race cars appear fast even if they are standing still and while they maybe not be tearing up the F1 circuit, they will be much closer and easier to inspect in detail.

While the show details are still being sorted, the Formula 1 Exhibition dates and cities will be announced this fall. We have yet to hear official word on ticket prices, but they have to be far less than the elitist ticket pricing we witnessed at the F1 Miami Grand Prix as a recent example.

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