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Unique Lexus UX Wears Tires Inspired By Nike Sneakers

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Streetwear designer John Elliott did up this crossover to imitate his Nike AF1 sneakers.

Tires may rank pretty high among the most important part of a vehicle, but as far as design goes, they typically get the least attention. That's what makes this particular project so unusual.

Lexus teamed up with John Elliott to shoe the new UX in a unique set of tires, inspired by the same designer's Nike AF1 sneakers. The subcompact luxury crossover is done up all in white, with double-stitched leather and a "stepped" metal air valve evocative of the metal tips Elliott applied to the laces on his signature pair of kicks.

Called "Sole of the UX," the one-of-a-kind art car (of sorts) was unveiled during Elliott's after-party during New York Fashion Week. And its most unusual feature is the custom-cut tires, complete with Nike and Air logos and their own unique tread pattern.

With a price tag starting at $32,000, the UX has emerged as the Japanese luxury automaker's entry-level model, undercutting the price of admission on the IS sedan and the next-up NX crossover by several thousand. Geared towards a younger clientele, Lexus offers it (in the US) with a choice of conventional or hybrid powertrains, in three trim levels, and a dozen color choices.

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This one stands out from the crowd, though, and is set to appear at a smattering of other events across the country throughout the year.

"We were excited to merge the streetwear narrative and design cues of our Air Force 1 with a brand like Lexus. We're thankful they've allowed us to use this moment to celebrate the arts and to bring extra energy to our take on a classic," said John Elliott. "It's fun to partner with brands that typically live outside the fashion community because it allows us to evolve and continue to push our own boundaries."