Unique Maserati Merak for Auction

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Rare Maserati Merak coachbuilt by Carrosserie Saurer will cross the auction block at Silverstone next month.

Launched in 1972 to take on Ferrari's top-selling Dino 246, the Merak replaced the Bora – Maserati's first mid-engined supercar – with power coming from a stretched Maserati-built V6 that debuted in the Citroen SM. Bored out to 3.0 liters, the V6 developed 190 hp - enough for a 150 mph top speed - offering the Merak awesome cornering speeds and equal levels of straight-line punch. That, combined with an independent suspension and impeccable handling, made it Maserati's most successful model of its day with 1,832 models built by the time production ceased in 1983.

This particular model, however, is unique thanks to redesigned bodywork by Swiss-based Paul Saurer who created his ideal "Hot Merak" in 1984. The hand-crafted all-aluminum bodywork, finished in silver with red leather interior, hides all original running gear on the Italian-supplied lHD 1975 Merak, and comes with exceptionally rare 12- and 15-inch Gotti 3-piece split rim wheels. The 1975 Maserati Marek coachbuilt by Saurer will be offered at the International Trophy Sale hosted by Silverstone Auctions on May 17, and is estimated to fetch between £35,000 to £40,000.

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