Unique of the Week: 1966 Lotus Elan Type 36


Until an all-new Lotus Elan debuts in 2016, we can still enjoy this 1966 Type 36 Elan that's currently up for sale on eBay. With just 34,480 original miles, this classic British coupe is in beautiful condition and has been properly serviced over the years.

With Lotus currently undergoing a major overhaul of its product lineup, we thought it'd be cool to check out something from the British automaker's past. This thoroughly maintained 1966 Elan Type 36 coupe is now being offered on eBay motors. It has only 34,480 miles and according to the seller is in pristine condition. It also has all of the original documentation, which claims the car was built in July of '66. It was delivered to the US in September of that year and was retailed through Lotus Midwest USA.

Paperwork is also included showing all of the updates that correct the problematic areas of the car. It's also been confirmed that it was originally painted white but was repainted yellow in 1982. There are only a couple minor paint chips around the doors and the chrome trim is in solid condition. The owner also said that although there are S/E badges, the car is really a standard Elan Coupe. It has all of the factory-equipped features such as the teardrop shift knob, original wood dash and carpet. It has a leather-wrapped steering and even the original wood grain steering wheel is included, although it's not installed.

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It's powered by a recently rebuilt twin-cam 1558 cc four-cylinder engine with 125hp @6100 rpm that's mated to a four-speed manual. As of this writing, the latest bid was $21,350, but the reserve has not yet been met.