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The Ferrari Dino's 2.0-liter V6 was also used for this Bertone-designed 1967 Fiat. And it's for sale for just $42,500.

The Ferrari Dino has gone on to become one of the most famous and sought-after models from the famous Italian automaker. The mid-engined Dino was the first Ferrari to be produced in high numbers and was meant to serve as a more affordable sports car. Because Fiat had invested in Ferrari, they were able to gain access to some of the latter's engine technology. And besides, a V6 makes more sense in a Fiat than a Ferrari.

Introduced at the 1966 Turin Motor Show as a cabriolet, the Fiat Dino basically allowed Ferrari to achieve the required 500 unit production number to homologate the 2.0 V6 engine for Formula 2 racing. The coupe version was launched the following year at the Geneva Motor Show. As most already know, the Dino name is a tribute to Enzo Ferrari's son, Alfredo, who helped design the V6 before he died. Powered by the same 2.0-liter 156hp V6 with wet sump lubrication that was used in the Ferrari Dino 206 GT, Fiat was responsible for converting the Dino 196 racing engine for road use.

It was mated to a five-speed manual and had a conventional chassis with an independent front and live axle rear suspension. Fiat ended up handling engine production at their factory in Turin, which didn't exactly please Enzo Ferrari, as he wanted it to be built at his factory in Maranello. The engine was enlarged to 2.4-liters with 178hp in 1969. Interestingly, the styling for the Cabrio and Coupe were not done by the same design house. The Cabrio was penned by Pininfarina while the Coupe was done by Bertone. This 1967 Fiat Dino, now up for auction on eBay Motors, has a beautiful red exterior along with a set of alloy wheels on Pirelli tires.

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The interior features black leather upholstery along with a wood-trimmed steering wheel, power windows, and even a cassette stereo (remember those?). It's in overall great condition and the chrome has even been redone. Also included are copies of the service and parts manuals the previous owner kept. With 61,980 miles on the odometer and an asking price of $42,500, this Fiat Dino is yet another rare Italian beauty. And its Ferrari roots make it even more desirable. Photos courtesy of hlcc

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