Unique of the Week: 1971 Chevrolet El Camino SS 396

Unique of the Week

The El Camino is one of our favorites here at CarBuzz and we were thrilled to find this fully restored 1971 El Camino SS 396 for sale on eBay.

Perhaps one of the most instantly recognizable GM cars ever, the Chevrolet El Camino is also a classic in its own right. It was sold in the US in 1959 until 1960 and was re-introduced in 1964. The second generation was based on the Chevelle and came with a choice of engines that included two six-cylinders and a 283 cu-in small block V8 with 195hp. For the next model year, Chevy not only gave the car a facelift, but also an optional 327 cu-in small block V8 with 300hp.

When the third generation came out in 1968, the SS 396 model was separate from the rest of the El Camino lineup. And in our ongoing search for interesting finds, we found this beautiful 1971 El Camino SS 396 up for sale on eBay. Equipped with a 396 Big Block, the car only had two previous owners who were brothers before the current owner bought the car in 2007. He began restoring it the following year and these pictures clearly show the wonderful job he did. The post claims it has 100,000 miles (though it shows 67,920 miles on the odometer), power steering and brakes, rally wheels, and is completely rust free.

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It's equipped with 402 cu-in V8, but Chevy put the "396" emblems on the cars anyway. It's mated to a Turbo 400 three-speed automatic transmission. It has a Buy it Now price of just $14,450 and according to the owner/restorer, an estimated $28,000 was invested in the car. Photos courtesy of mwyant01.