Unique of the Week: 1980 Bradley GT II Electric Car

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Love them or hate them, EVs have been around for decades and this 1980 Bradley GT II EV is further proof that there's a collectors' market for them.

It's no secret that many (ok, most) of our readers can't stand the thought of EVs. With new models like the Nissan Leaf, Tesla Model S, and the Fisker Karma, automakers throughout the world now recognize this rapidly emerging market. Back in the 70s, Bradley Automotive was producing kit cars based on the original VW Beetle chassis. Their all-fiberglass bodies featured distinctive gull-wing doors and the cars could be bought in different stages of production to allow for greater personalization.

Before they shut their doors due to bankruptcy, Bradley produced three different models: the GT, Scorpion, and GT II. The GT began production in the late 60s and was eventually replaced by the GTII in 1977. But in 1980, the company began producing the GT II electric car, of which only 50 were built. One of which is currently up for auction on eBay. Its current owner bought it from the San Diego Auto Museum and, not surprisingly, it doesn't run. The reason? No batteries, but the engine compartment has an electric motor that's mated to a VW manual transmission.

Another issue that needs attention is the hydraulics for the doors which need to be replaced. An odometer reading is also unknown. The car currently has a bid of $4,149.99 as of this writing and the reserve hasn't been met. Even though it's an EV and needs a bit of work, this is truly an interesting and rare piece of American automotive engineering that would sit well in any collection. Photos courtesy of jamesgitfiddle

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