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Despite having a retro luxury exterior, the Zimmer Quicksilver shared the platform and V6 engine of the Pontiac Fiero.

If you've never heard of them then you're in good company. As before stumbling upon this car for sale on eBay, we'd never heard of Zimmer. Founded in 1978, Zimmer Motorcars Corp. was established with the goal of building neo-classic cars. While the cars themselves had an old-fashioned retro appearance, they were in fact based on more modern car platforms.The company became fairly popular in the Eighties and it actually turned a very solid profit for a few years before it finally tanked.

Founded by father-son duo Paul and Bob Zimmer in Syracuse, New York, the cars themselves were built in Florida. The company's first model was the Golden Spirit, a retro luxury cruiser based on the chassis of the Lincoln Town Car. It was styled after something from the 1930s with its long hood, exposed headlights and side-mounted spare tire. The company claims it was the first four-door convertible sold in decades but it carried a base price of over $175,000. Buyers could also opt for a shorter version of the car that was based on the chassis of the old Fox platform Mustang, but even that was still quite expensive.

The second Zimmer model was, funnily enough, based on the chassis of another Eighties favorite, the Pontiac Fiero. Called the Quicksilver, it was clearly more modern than the Golden Spirit, as it looked like a weird combination of Eighties styling traits from Buick and Oldsmobile. Examining the Quicksilver even further, however, will fully reveal its Fiero heritage. For starters, it carried over all of the car's mechanical bits including the 2.8-liter V6 mounted mid-ship. The A- and B-pillars were barely altered and even the interior dash design was very similar save for wood trim and suede-lined seats.

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Performance wasn't anything exceptional, taking 9.7 seconds to go from 0-60 mph and hitting a top speed of just 121 mph. Sounds nice enough but the Quicksilver's pricing was just outrageous, coming in at more than $50,000 for what was essentially a bespoke Fiero. It was so closely related to the Fiero in fact that owners could have their cars serviced at Pontiac dealers. The Quicksilver was finally discontinued in 1988, which was the same time the Fiero was killed off. This 1986 Zimmer Quicksilver that's up for auction on eBay seems to have been well maintained over the years and items such as the radiator, exhaust, power steering, shocks and brakes are all new.

As of writing, the highest bid was just under $7,000 and we have a hard time believing the final sale price will meet the seller's reserve. Compared to its original astronomical price tag, the Zimmer Quicksilver is the epitome of automotive depreciation.

Source Credits: cgi.ebay.com

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