Unique of the Week: 1987 AMG HMMWV


Tired of that H2 or H3 Hummer? Was the rebranded H1 still too civilian friendly? Then this 1987 AMG HMMWV could be the answer.

We've never been big fans of Hummers. More specifically, we're talking about the days in which GM ran the uber division and turned it into a mainstream brand. The best of times took place when the vehicles were built solely for the military and only a few civilians managed to get their hands on retired units. You know, when it was something special. Before 1992, Humvee's were built by AMG General Corporation and when Arnold Schwarzenegger began driving one, the public interest grew further.

The company began to refurbish some by adding passenger car enhancements like A/C, sound insulation, upgraded upholstery, stereos, and other common conveniences. And we just happened to find one currently for sale on eBay. Powered by a Camaro V8, this original Humvee has been updated with several creature comforts, but its military origins are still intact. The transmission, transfer case, suspension, and geared hubs are still "battle grade." The current owner purchased it from the original restorer back in 2002 and further upgraded it by adding the Camaro engine.

Unlike the original diesel version, it's now fully California SMOG compliant. As an added bonus, California buyers will also receive the custom September 11th memorial plate NO RTRT (No Retreat) that's currently registered to the vehicle. However, the first owner claims that it was originally built without a VIN. Since it became a civilian driver, a Colorado VIN was assigned to it, but there's no official history before it was restored. It has just 7,650 miles and has a Buy It Now price of $40,000.

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