Unique of the Week: 1989 Porsche 911 Turbo RUF CTR Yellowbird


This RUF Porsche 911 Yellowbird is one of just six of its type ever built and the only one built for the U.S.

There's no question the Porsche 911 is one of the finest all-around sports cars ever built. Many will argue that it's the best hands down. While everyone is entitled to their opinion (some say it's nothing more than a glorified VW Beetle), it's hard to deny the car's influence and performance as a whole on the industry. And the 911 Turbo took both of those factors to an even higher level. First launched in 1974, the legendary model has also gone through several doses of engineering evolution.

In 1977, a small car company called RUF Automobile launched their first model, a tuned version of the Porsche 930, a very early turbocharged 911. And in 1987, their CTR Yellowbird set the world record as the fastest production vehicle for its time. Although they're extremely rare, we've just found one for sale on eBay Motors. This 1989 RUF CTR Yellowbird is only one of six aluminum lightweight Street/Track Yellowbirds ever built. Another 22 units were steel versions. Weighing in at a total of just 2,520 pounds, this Yellowbird is the lightest CTR on the planet, according to the seller.

It was the only CTR Yellowbird built to be imported specifically to the U.S. and has had only one previous owner. It was constructed on an original 1989 911 Carrera chassis that was then modified with a RUF-made fuel tank, adjustable front and rear suspension, FIA approved roll cages, adjustable boost gauge and brake bias adjuster, and a special CTR lightweight RUF brake ducted front spoiler. Power comes from a 3.4-liter, twin-turbocharged flat-six with 525hp and 475lb-ft of torque @ 5,000 rpm. It redlines at 7,400 rpm.

Mated to a unique RUF six-speed manual transmission, each gear has its own dedicated sprayer through an internally custom-built oiling rail system. It can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.4 seconds and has a top speed of 215 mph. As such, it previously completed a 13 mile lap at the Old Nurburgring in about 7 minutes and 30 seconds. Other features include black Recaro Kevlar racing seats with 6-point harnesses, a black leather dash board, and aerodynamic headlight lens covers. More recently, it was featured on the cover of "9" magazine.

As expected, it's also been meticulously maintained both mechanically and cosmetically under the care of Porsche experts at the 901 Shop. With a total of 14,866 miles on the odometer, the 'Buy it Now' price is listed at $279,000. For any true Porsche 911 enthusiast with the cash to spare, this RUF CTR Yellowbird would be an absolutely amazing buy. Photos courtesy of telstarvideo

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