Unique of the Week: 2004 Ferrari FXX Evolution

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Only 30 were built and now one ultra-rare Ferrari FXX Evolution is up for sale on eBay for $2.5 million. Any takers?

Count them: only 30 were produced. Even rarer than the Enzo road car on which it's based on, the Ferrari FXX Evolution is simply the racing version of that car which has the first name of the Italian automaker's founder. Produced in Maranello, Italy, the FXX began production back in 2005 and ended in 2007. In that period, 29 units were built for a price of $1.8 million each. The number 30 unit was built for Michael Schumacher when he retired from Formula One at the end of 2006.

His car is slightly different than the others with its all-black exterior paint (minus the stripe), red trimmed wheels, matte instead of chrome exhaust tips, and even his personal logo was stitched into the racing seats. The remaining 29 were sold to pre-selected past Ferrari customers, although they're only able to drive it on special track days that are approved by Ferrari. Powered by a 6.3-liter V12 (the Enzo has a 6.0 V12), it produces an incredible 789hp and is mated to a six-speed sequential gearbox developed for the automaker's F1 program.

And while it shares many mechanical components and technology from the Enzo, the FXX Evolution, like its name suggests, is an evolutionary step above the Enzo. Along with the aforementioned gearbox and larger engine displacement, the FXX also has upgraded brake pads and customized 19-inch tires. As part of the Corse Clienti program, owners are given briefings by Ferrari specialists regarding their car's track performance thanks to a comprehensive data-monitoring and telemetry system. Not only can owners learn how to improve their own driving skills, but that data also provides Ferrari with crucial details on how to improve future road and race cars.

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And it doesn't stop there for owners. They also have the privilege to take part in the company's testing and brand development programs. The car is exclusively maintained by the Ferrari factory and was only sold in Europe. So being both rich and a Ferrari enthusiast customer is not a bad way to live. And now, one FXX Evolution is for sale on eBay. With a 'Buy it Now' price of $2.5 million, it is number 11 of the 30 FXX's built. As can be expected, it's been perfectly maintained since the day it rolled off the production line. More importantly, however, it's still eligible to participate in that exclusive Ferrari FXX owner's program.

We don't know how many previous owners it's had or how many track miles are on it, but whoever has the means and is a Ferrari and/or supercar enthusiast, this is one of those rare opportunities that can be too hard to pass up. Photos courtesy of ferrarimaseratifl

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