Unique of the Week: 2006 Fisker Latigo CS

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Before the Fisker Karma, the company was focused on reviving the lost art of coachbuilding.

Before Henrik Fisker started his own car company, the famous Danish designer was busy working for BMW and Aston Martin. Penning some of the most beautiful cars on the road today, he left to begin his own coachworks company, creatively called Fisker Coachbuild. His first model, the Tramonto, debuted in 2005 at the Frankfurt Auto Show and only 150 were built. His second effort, the Latigo CS, was also limited to just 150 units. It was based on the BMW E63 M6, but all electronic were left untouched.

However, Fisker and his team went to work and completely redesigned the exterior with custom bodywork in an effort to revive the lost art of coachbuilding. All of the stock exterior panels were removed and then rebodied with all Fisker-designed carbon-fiber and aluminum pieces. Also added were stiffer springs and unique 20-inch forged wheels. What remained in place was all of the glass for the windows and windshield along with the car's overall proportions. The M6's 5.0-liter, 500hp V10 engine also stayed put, making this extremely rare car both beautiful and extremely powerful.

When looking at the Latigo, it's not hard to see the BMW's proportions, but when compared to the now new Fisker Karma, it's clear that Mr. Fisker has a clear styling preference. The result of his work makes the E63 M6 look even better, with traces of Italian beauty both inside and out. The interior is covered in extremely soft leather, but the BMW dash design still remains. And to make this Latigo even rarer, it's #1 of 150. It also has an upgraded V10, which now produces 665hp. Unfortunately, no details were provided regarding what was done to produce the extra power.

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With only has 19,098 miles on the odometer, it has a 'Buy It Now' price of just $59,950 on eBay Motors. To put this price in perspective, a Fisker Latigo CS originally cost over $200,000. Quite a bargain if you ask us. Photos courtesy of jmjem.

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