Unique Of The Week: Turning A Wrecked Ford Mustang Into A Rat Rod Should Become A Thing

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Because why the hell not.

We've seen plenty of modified Ford Mustangs over the years, but not one of them looked anything quite like this…uh, Mustang rat rod. More precisely, what you're looking at it is a rad rod that defies even the so-called rules of rat rods; it's a build combination between a 1956 International pickup truck and a wrecked 2009 Ford Mustang, according to the owner's profile on Drivn. The goal was to create a very non-traditional rat rod whose builder didn't feel like he needed to go by rules and style guides.

Instead, he wanted "something cool and comfortable that gets attention...and could drive cross country if he wanted." Power comes from the Mustang's 4.6-liter V8 with a total of 300 hp and 320 lb-ft of torque. Remember, this was 2005; V8s then are today's V6s, in some cases, including the Mustang's. Step inside and yeah, it's literally a Mustang. The air suspension was also sourced from the Mustang, but the body is all pickup. We like to think of this thing as a modern rat rod of sorts, combined with great craftsmanship and engineering. It couldn't have been easy to pull this project off, but determination once again came through.

A classic truck body with a muscle car engine, suspension and interior…who would've ever thought this would result in an unconventional rat rod. Honestly, we need to have more builds like this.

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