Unique Pre-Production Aston Martin DB4 Looks For New Owner

For Sale

Thanks to its extensive restoration costing nearly $300k, this is one of the most immaculate Aston Martin DB4s we've ever seen.

If you want to add one of the rarest Aston Martins to your collection, look no further than this exquisite pre-production 1959 Aston Martin DB4. Currently for sale at the London-based dealer Hexagon Classics, this unique Blu Scozia is the third right-hand-drive DB4 made at Newport Pagnell and was owned by renowned Aston Martin aficionado Richard Williams for 37 years. It was originally registered as Aston Martin’s London demonstration model before production of the DB4 continued until 1963.

The car was converted to run on a triple Weber setup and was upgraded with a five-speed gearbox and modified front and wheel arches to fit its larger offset wire wheels. This divine Aston Martin DB4 also received an extensive restoration after being regularly put through its paces at various legendary hill climb events, so you can’t say it’s lived a sheltered life. Specialists rebuilt the engine to a 4.2 liter specification and the interior and exterior of the car has been upgraded to near concours condition, making it one of the most pristine Aston Martin DB4s you’re likely to find. The restoration is said to have cost a hefty 222,000 GBP ($296,481).

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“This is an unmissable opportunity for someone to own a truly unique classic car,” said Paul Michaels, chairman of Hexagon Classics. “The DB4 is unmistakably iconic, made more so thanks to this particular pre-production model claiming the legendary Richard Williams amongst it previous owners. It has been lovingly restored to immaculate condition and it ready for inspection from our North London showroom now.” The pre-production Aston Martin DB4 is currently available to view at the company’s London showroom, though no price has been given and the car isn’t currently listed on the company’s website.