Unknown Japanese Supercar Gets The Liberty Walk Treatment

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They've managed to improve the challenging looks of the little-known two-door.

Borne of the desire to turn the world's most striking cars into even more dramatic statements, Liberty Walk has been creating widebody kits for the most bewitching of sports and supercars. Founded in 2008 by Wataru Kato, the Japanese tuning company has turned its attention to vehicles such as the Ferrari 458, Porsche 911 Turbo, and Lamborghini Aventador, transforming them into Group GT3-aping tours de force for customers who want to stand out from the crowd.

Mitsuoka is another Japanese company that strives to offer vehicles that stand out from the crowd, albeit in a different way. As a coachbuilder, it's transformed humble hatchbacks like the Nissan Micra into the Viewt, a compact car styled to resemble a classic Jaguar Mk 2 sedan. In the mid-2000s, Mitsuoka launched its own sports car, the aesthetically challenging Orochi, and now Liberty Walk has revealed its take on the shark-like car.

Sphere Light Sphere Light Sphere Light

The quirky coupe has received a widebody kit and styling add-ons and wears a front splitter that pairs well with the massive fender flares. The standard car wasn't a shrinking violet, but Liberty Walk's additions have made it more dramatic and certainly more appealing.

The kit gives the Orochi a wider, ground-hugging stance, the side sills flowing into the widened wheel arch at the rear. Round back, an oversized wing sprouts from the bumper. Sited just below, four black exhaust pipes protrude from underneath the low-slung vehicle. Intricate Y-shaped split alloy wheels are painted black and add the perfect amount of menace. Further adding to the visual theater is the racing livery applied to the curvy bodywork. The lower half of the vehicle is emblazoned with decals from several brands, accentuating the lightning bolt that breaks up the white paintwork.

Sphere Light Sphere Light

Up front, the Orochi's original headlight bulbs have been supplanted by items from Sphere Light, to promote the aftermarket lighting company's products. This is the company that will be showcasing the build at the Tokyo Auto Salon this month.

While images of the interior are yet to be posted, the Orochi (discontinued in 2014) was, despite appearances, a cruiser instead of a hardcore sports car. The cabin reflected this, with a conservative leather-trimmed interior and conventional dashboard. A 3.3-liter V6 sourced from Toyota (the same one used in the RX330) powered the Orochi and performance is best described as glacial. The 231-horsepower gasoline engine was good for 0-60 mph in seven seconds, reinforcing its role as a boulevard cruiser. There's no word on whether the Liberty Walk Orichi has received engine tuning to match its incredible new looks.

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