Unlicensed Canadian Teen Shows Us The Worst Way To Park A Porsche

We're sure his mom wasn't too happy about her damaged Porsche.

Maybe this incident is due to bad karma or it maybe it is just a bad driver whose terrible choices snowballed to yield the results we see here, but this has to be the worst parking job that we have ever seen. In this case, the unlicensed teen “borrowed” his mom’s Porsche Cayenne to go for a joyride. After the inexperienced kid hit another car he fled the scene in a panic and tried to quickly garage the evidence. Of course he failed at that too. This kid must have been scared to death but that doesn't accuse his actions or poor parking.

Luckily for us we get to revel in this poor kid's fail. Unluckily for his mom her Porsche and garage are a lot worse for wear.

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