Unlike Aston Martin, Ferrari's Upcoming SUV Will Likely Be Hybrid

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We'll know for sure by 2021.

It's no longer a secret Ferrari is working on its first-ever SUV, due in 2021. We don't know just yet what its precise targets will be, but names like Lamborghini Urus and the also upcoming Aston Martin DBX immediately come to mind. But unlike both of those, it looks as though the unnamed Ferrari SUV will come with a hybrid powertrain. Car Magazine has a new report that comes directly from Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne's recent comments at Geneva last month in regards to the automaker's upcoming projects, mainly the SUV.

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"I've been clear on the topic that we're going to embrace electrification - we are going to make it the mainstay of our offerings," he said. "With LaFerrari, (the hybrid system) is an interesting add-on as it's used for power. In the case of the next hybrid, I think it needs to become more traditional, in a sense, because it needs to fulfil a different role. We've got mules running around now - next year, 2019, hold your breath." A recent spy video showing a Ferrari 488 test mule at the automaker's own Fiorano test track indicated a hybrid V8 powertrain is currently being tested. We wouldn't be surprised to see this setup, or a slightly modified version, show up in the 2021 SUV.

Marchionne is also confident this will be the fastest SUV on the market, meaning it'll have to surpass the Urus' 189 mph top speed. Given everything Ferrari has learned from the LaFerrari, it's anxious to begin deploying hybrid tech on additional vehicles, and the SUV is an ideal fit. One reason is the need to offer segment leading performance, and a hybrid boost is certainly capable of providing that. Remember, the Urus is powered by a twin-turbo V8 while Aston Martin just confirmed its upcoming DBX SUV will also be gas-powered, at least initially.

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