Unlike Ferrari And Lamborghini, McLaren Refuses To Be Told What To Do

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Could this be the coolest supercar company today?

In case you haven't noticed, and we're not sure how, McLaren has been on a roll lately. It all began with the launch of MP4-12C back in 2011, the first all-McLaren road car in more than a decade. It was replaced by the 650S in 2014. The year prior, the successor to the legendary F1 was launched, the P1. This year alone we've seen the reveals of the 675LT, 570S, and 540C. And there's more to come as McLaren has promised to reveal a new model, or a new variant of an existing one, every year.

But unlike supercar competitors like Ferrari and Lamborghini, McLaren is carrying out its plan alone. During a recent interview with Automotive News, McLaren executive director of sales and marketing, Jolyon Nash, confirmed that the UK carmaker plans to remain fully independent. Ferrari and Lamborghini are owned by Fiat S.p.A and the VW Group, respectively. "We're very quick to move," Nash stated. "Our product development life cycles are very efficient. In an industry like this, those are great advantages." And because of McLaren's independence, keeping up with new technologies and implementing them is much more efficient. "Our intention is to remain independent. We are in charge of our own destiny," Nash proudly made firm.

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