Unlike Ford, Volkswagen Thinks Sedans Still Have A Future


Sedans and small cars will for a key part of Volkswagen’s future EV lineup.

We’re still reeling from the shock announcement that Ford is killing all US sedans and small cars in its current lineup by 2022. The only cars that will survive are the Mustang and Focus Active, with SUVs and pickup trucks making up the majority of Ford’s vehicle lineup unless the automaker decides to replace its outgoing lineup with hybrid or electric models. It’s no secret that sedan sales are declining, but we never expected Ford to take such drastic action. It also makes us wonder if automakers will follow Ford’s lead and make similar changes.

One automaker that won’t be killing sedans, however, is Volkswagen. Speaking to Digital Trends, Volkswagen of America boss Hinrich Woebcken admitted there will be more focus on SUVs, but the automaker is still committed to building sedans and small cars, which will be a key part of its future I.D. EV range. “The question of whether electric mobility will favor sedans or SUVs hasn’t been answered yet” Hinrich said. “When you’re talking about electric cars, sedans have more advantages. The shape and the [drag coefficient] has a high effect on range. Therefore, we’ll maybe see a higher sedan share on full electric cars than with conventional cars.”

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His comments explain why VW elected the Vizzion sedan as the company’s flagship EV model. It’s only been shown in concept form, but the production model is expected to have a range of 413 miles, the longest range of any VW I.D. concept shown so far. Volkswagen also recently launched the new redesigned 2019 Jetta and is also preparing to replace the Passat. “We are intending to be a full line car manufacturer,” Woebcken explained. But while VW believes the sedan segment still has a future, it isn’t ignoring the unrelenting demand for SUVs in the US. SUVs will form a big part of VW’s lineup in the future and two new models will launch in the near future.

One will be a smaller five-seat Atlas, while the other will be an entry-level SUV positioned below the Tiguan.