Unplugged Performance Transformed Wrecked Tesla Model 3 Into Track Slayer With Wicked Aero

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Rather fittingly, the vehicle is called the Bionic Phoenix.

Unplugged Performance has revealed its Tesla Model 3 time attack vehicle, which looks menacing.

A far cry from the humble sedan on which it is based, the Tesla specialists created the new track toy over months of work. Well, we say new - the car in question is based on the Model 3 that crashed at Pikes Peak in 2020. Despite the unfortunate incident, Unplugged Performance has rebuilt the EV as a "time attack monster."

Up front, you'll find a massive splitter that undoubtedly provides immense amounts of downforce. Coupled with the enormous rear wing, Bionic Phoenix is said to produce more than 4,000 pounds of downforce.


The electric vehicle tuner says the Model 3 has been fitted with dry carbon fiber body panels, significantly reducing weight. From afar, one can see that Bionic Phoenix retains the Model 3 styling cues. Look closely, however, and you'll note the enclosed headlights, lack of air vents, and flared wheel arches. According to Carscoops, the track monster is approximately 200 lbs lighter than a stock version.

In total, 550 lbs of weight was removed from the car, but adding a roll cage and chassis modifications pushed the figure up again. You'll find 19-inch UP-03 forged wheels that are 13-inch wide beneath the vehicle. These lightweight wheels measure 13 inches wide and are wrapped in sticky Yokohama Advan tires.

Unplugged Performance/Facebook

The Bionic Phoenix shares a unique trait with the iconic McLaren F1 and GMA T.50. Unplugged Performance has converted the interior to accommodate a single-seater setup with a central driving position. Unfortunately, the tuner hasn't shared any details regarding performance figures.

It should be a riot to drive quickly around a track, much like the rest of the company's past achievements. Last year, the group's Tesla Model S, piloted by Randy Pobst, stunned the crowds as it snaked up the 12.42-mile hill climb. Thanks to a series of upgrades, the electric sedan proved more than five seconds quicker than before. Not long before that, the very same Tesla went around Laguna Seca at breakneck speeds.

We'll see Bionic Phoenix hit the track soon, with its motorsport debut to take place at Buttonwillow Raceway in California.

Unplugged Performance/Facebook
Unplugged Performance/Facebook

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