Unreal Video Of The Mazda 767b at Spa

Rotary fans may need to change their pants.

Only a few cars ever get to be calledtruly legendary, and Mazda's fantastic 767 is undoubtedly one ofthem. The racecar is recognized by enthusiasts all over the world,but to die hard rotorheads, the car is the holy grail. The car waspowered by the monstrous 13J; a 4-rotor beast capable of making600hp. The 767 ran in Le Mans, but is overshadowed by its more famous sibling, the 900hp 787b due to its win at Le Mans in 1991, but the 767 has still been entertainingspectators with its absolutely stunning sound ever sense.

This video shows the 767b at the 2014 Spa Classic, and it seems to be performing as wonderful as ever. We get to see and hear a few other great cars as well, but the Mazda steals the show. It doesn't get much better than this. Enjoy one of the best sounds on Earth.

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