Unsurprisingly, The New Toyota Supra Won't Be A Cheap Sports Car


A representative has shared some new juicy details about the reborn Toyota Supra.

The long-awaited reveal of the Toyota GR Racing Supra Concept at this year's Geneva Motor Show was a cause for celebration, but we still have a long time to wait until the road-going version breaks cover. Reports suggest we'll finally see the production-ready Toyota Supra debut at the Paris Auto Show in October, after Toyota Great Britain confirmed the sports car won't be revealed until the first half of 2019. In the meantime, you can expect Toyota to drip feed us new details about the Japanese sports car between now and its eventual reveal.


In an interview with AutoRAI, Toyota's Vice President of Research & Development, Gerald Killmann revealed some juicy new titbits about the reborn Supra. He told the publication the sports car is being developed primarily in Japan, with minimal input from Toyota's European R&D team. A race car version of the new Supra was also confirmed, but that's hardly surprising news considering Toyota revealed the Gazoo Racing concept last month. Killmann went on to reiterate the reborn Supra will share the same platform as the BMW Z4, but will have a drastically different design both inside and out.


He also confirmed the rumors that the sports car will be powered by a BMW-sourced engine but didn't provide any further details. The BMW engine is expected to be an inline six-cylinder with around 450 horsepower, but the rumored hybrid powertrain that was expected to power a range-topping version is not going to happen according to Killmann. As for pricing, Killmann said the new Supra won't be a cheap car. Not that we ever expected it to be – the turbocharged Supra in the 1990s sold for around $80,000 at the time, so we wouldn't be surprised if Toyota slaps a six-figure price tag on the new fifth-generation model in-line with the GTR.

If you want a more affordable Toyota sports car, the 86 will fulfill that role and slot below the more performance-focused Supra. Prices for the 86 start at $26,255 in the US, and the Toyota representative pointed out there will be a clear price difference between the two models. We also recently learned the reborn Toyota Supra won't be getting a manual gearbox after all simply because it's too powerful. Slowly but surely, the puzzle pieces are starting to fall in place.


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