Up Close and Personal: First Video Footage of Lamborghini Asterion

The 910-hp hybrid concept looks stunning in person.

Unveiled this morning at the Paris Motor Show, our buddy alexsmolik has just sent in some video footage of Lamborghini’s first-ever hybrid. While the Asterion’s design is typically stunning – Lamborghini doesn’t make ugly cars – it’s what’s underneath that gorgeous body work that demands your attention. The naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V10 produces 610 horsepower, but an electric motor located between the V10 and gearbox, and two electric motors at the front axle adds another 300 hp for a grand total of 910 hp.

0-62 mph happens in 3.0 seconds and a top hybrid/combined speed of 199 mph. But will the Asterion reach production? Lamborghini claims it’s a one-off, but its PHEV technology likely wasn’t developed only for this.

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