Up Close and Personal With the new Chrysler 200

It could just become America's next great sedan.

The new Chrysler 200 is a complete 180-degree turn from its uninspiring predecessor. From its exterior and interior designs to its overall build quality, everything about the car indicates Chrysler has a winner on its hands. And now Car and Driver has a new video direct from the floor of the Detroit that provides a better look at what inspired the 2015 200. With direct access to the car’s designers, learn how Chrysler started off with an Alfa Romeo platform and Americanized it.

Most importantly, it’s amazing to see just how far the 200 has come compared to the outgoing model. Compared side by side, the two cars only resemble each other by sharing the same Chrysler logo. It's amazing to see just how far Chrysler has come in only a few short years.

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