Up Close and Personal with the Toyota FT-1 Concept

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We hope and pray this is the next Supra.

Toyota is calling it the FT-1 Concept. We've already dubbed it the Supra Concept, as while the Calty Design Research team clearly drew inspiration from the FT-HS and Lexus LF-LC concepts, it was also strongly influenced by Toyota's sport car heritage, specifically the Supra as well as the Celica. While we have live shots of the car from Detroit to share, thanks to Motor Trend we also have a video that explores the aggressive, track-focused sports car in more depth.

Furthermore, you can actually drive the low-slung concept yourself as Toyota teamed up with Polyphony Digital to add FT-1 to Gran Turismo 6. The burning question is, however, will the FT-1 Concept make its way to market? Judging by the response, Toyota would be crazy not to.

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