Up for Auction: 1971 Viper-Powered Plymouth Barracuda Convertible

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The Viper-powered Plymouth Barracuda is as good as it sounds.

Straight out of Florida comes this 1971 Plymouth Barracuda with a 2001 Dodge Viper engine. Hudson Tuners Time Machines combined the Barracuda with a Viper chassis using only sheetmetal and no fiberglass. The only tweaks they put on the 'Cuda was a forward-tilting hood a la the original Viper. Original chrome and trim give the give the Barracuda a sense of authenticity, though the 'Viper Powered' badges are a bit much.

The Barracuda's Viper 8-liter V10 engine puts out 450hp and sports a 6-speed manual transmission. True to the Viper, the interior has been converted from seating five to just two while a custom pure steel dash contains the original Viper gauges. Custom fabricated floors and a set of Aldan coilovers allow the chassis to handle all the power. A fully independent suspension helps give the car a smoother ride. A custom dual exhaust gives the 'Cuda some voice and a Viper feel. Also going along with the Viper theme, there are the stock Viper SRT 6-lug wheels and original Viper bucket seats.

The impressive car has been featured in several magazines, including February of this year's issue of Mopar Action. The Viper Red 1971 Plymouth Barracuda has 40,319 miles and is set to go for around $200,000.

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