Up for Auction: Chevrolet T70GT Mk IIIB Endurance Racing Coupe

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At the forthcoming Bonhams December sale at Brooklands, a great sportscar with a convoluted history will be on sale.

If you happen to be in the UK on December 1st, you might consider catching the train from London Waterloo to Weybridge, Surrey, and while you're there, head over to Mercedes-Benz World at Brooklands and take a look around the antique and classic cars that will be on display for the Bonhams December sale of Important Collectors' Motor Cars. Among the lots you'll come across is lot number 458: a 1969-70 Lola-Chevrolet T70GT Mk IIIB Endurance Racing Coupe,Chassis no. SL76/138.

Just don't look for the plate number. The T70 was probably Lola's most iconic sportscar. It was a prominent competitor at the front of the fields in sportscar racing during the mid-60s and latter became the bread and butter of historic sportscar racing. In 1969, just before the Porsche 917 and Ferrari 512 were to take control over the sportscar racing world, the Lola T70 had its moment. A T70 MKIII, equipped with a Chevrolet V8 motor, won the Le-Mans 24 hour race at the hands of Mark Donohue and Chuck Parsons.

The chassis number will not be found on that chassis and it is quite difficult to follow the car's convoluted history. In a nutshell, after a rich racing career during the '70s, the car was rebuilt around a new chassis, and then became a victim of a serious racing accident. It then was rebuilt around the old tub but later, under a new owner, it was further rebuilt with another new tub and the owner transferred the chassis number plate from from the original tub to the new one. So the Lola that is for sale, as well as we can understand from the sale's catalog, is the one with the old chassis but without its original chassis plate.

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It was then raced at the hands of John Starkey a well-known historian who authored a few books about Lola racing cars (as well as about Porsche racing cars). In the mid-90s that car was sold to another owner who gave it its current silver-red livery. That Lola-Chevrolet T70 took part in active competition during the last few seasons and is now for sale, once more in its life, after undergoing a massive rebuilt. The asking price: $789,390.

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