Up for Auction: 'Gone in 60 Seconds' Ford Mustang GT Fastback Eleanor

A Ford Mustang GT Fastback Eleanor recreation is going up for sale next month.

Silverstone Auctions has just released their list of cars that will be up for auction at the Walter Hayes Sale on November 4th. One of the headlining models that will go under the hammer will be a Ford Mustang GT Fastback Eleanor, the same kind of car that featured prominently in the iconic film 'Gone in Sixty Seconds.' The original 'Gone in Sixty Seconds' film was shot in 1974. If that doesn't ring a bell, a remake of the car-thieving film was shot in 2000 and starred Nicolas Cage (and a blonde Angelina Jolie).

The model up for auction is a recreation of the Mustang GT Fastback Eleanor. A 2,000 hour restoration of a 1967 Ford Mustang GT Fastback was needed to shape the car into the Eleanor body style, matching the styling to a T. This classic recreation runs on a Redline Weber V8 engine featuring fuel-injection. It is mated to a 5-speed Tremec T5 transmission. The engine puts out a solid 500hp. The Ford Mustang GT Fastback Eleanor will go on sale in less than two weeks' time at the aforementioned Walter Hayes Sale.

The auction takes place during the Trophy Festival bearing the same name that celebrates the closing of the racing season. It is expected to fetch between £70,000-£90,000.

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