Up for Auction: Most Expensive Lamborghini in the World Starts at $4.8m

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The Italian supercar has been priced out of this world. Well, for us proletariats anyways.

Well, it's more of a model than a car really. And it costs roughly 15 times more than the real thing. The recently released Lamborghini Aventador has been hailed as one of the top cars of the year (if not the top car of the year) and the scale model of the Raging Bull seen here is set to go under the hammer... starting at a staggering $4,800,000. The hand-built scale model of the Aventador is one-eighth the size of the real deal.

The model was constructed out of carbon fiber by German modeler Robert Gulpen. Now, models aren't a new thing and we see them all the time of new concepts and cars that are being produced, so what is so special about this little Lambo? Diamonds. And laced with gold threading. Interesting, we assumed it was made out of unicorn horn and Mur. That's right, the steering wheel, seats and headlights are all diamonds. The stones alone are worth $2.7 million. "This is a high-tech work of art. I wanted to do something unique, something that has not existed until now," said Gulpen.

His unique work certainly stands alone, as it took him 500 hours to mold and craft his masterpiece. The Lamborghini Aventador model is set to go on sale in December at Southebys. It is available for purchase now on Ebay, if you can afford the hefty $6.2 million. For comparison's sake, a real Aventador runs $379,000.

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